About the band

TIERRA is the coming together of four very different Melbourne artists into the musical sphere of Diego Villalta's original compositions. He formed the quartet in 2009 to explore aspects of group improvisation and spontaneous song arrangement, resulting in an organic, emotive sound that ranges from jazz to classical, avant-garde and electronica.

Arising from different styles and backgrounds, each player adds his unique approach to the music, creating the vibrant fluid pieces that give TIERRA its distinct voice. This music has moved audiences over the years from it's first shows at the Paris Cat and the Darebin Music Feast up until today.

The dynamic quartet inspire a contemporary type of third-stream music, with major roles given to improvising, form manipulation and modern technology.

Diego - composition & guitar

diegoMelbourne- based guitarrist Diego Villalta heads TIERRA. His unique playing style and innovative use of sounds have seen him play with many artists all over Australia and abroad.

Apart from TIERRA, Diego directs a variety of projects. Check them out at:


Ryan - recorders

ryanRyan Williams brings his knowledge of baroque and 20th century classical music to TIERRA. Ryan's study of the recorder has taken him from Australia to Germany and the Netherlands and he has established himself as one of Melbourne's top recorder players.

About Allestree

Allestree is a very small coastal town just oustide of Portland, which itself happens to be a small coastal town nearing the border of South Australia in Victoria. It was there, in a wooden hytte that TIERRA recorded their first full-length album.

Sound engineer Jono Steer hauled all the equipment from Melbourne and set up the studio in this secluded space by the beach. Over four days, from mid morning until early morning of the following day, the group recorded hours and hours of music. Music that had been played live dozens of times in previous years.

A while later, back in Melbourne, sound engineer Phil Threlfall joined the project and became responsible for the majority of the mixing. The mixed album was then mastered by Joe Carra over at Crystal Mastering.

The group is very proud of all the time and effort that has gone to make Allestree and hope that audiences enjoy it just as much.

Adam - double bass

adamVictorian College of the Arts graduate, Adam Spiegl has cut his teeth playing various styles of music throughout the years. His versatility has made him a much sought after bass player around Melbourne. Adam provides a lush bottom end to TIERRA on the bass and with the bow.

Leigh - drums

leighBringing together a wide variety of styles and live digital manipulation, Leigh Fisher rounds off the quartet on drumkit and assorted percussion. Leigh is an incredibly talented musician who is captivating both live and on record, who has recorded and toured with a long list of well-known Australian and international artists.